Euston Tap

Euston Tap, London

As I was heading for the English capital I sought advice on beer related sightings. One of the most mentioned places was Euston Tap, highlighted for their excellent service and impressive tap list. I could not wait to enter this gem. 

Entrance to Euston

Entrance to Euston

Sadly, my visit speaks a different story...

With wife in hand, I arrive around noon with a thirst for craft brewed hoppy goodness, so naturally I ask the bartender for her freshest IPAs. She recommends two wheat beers I have tried before: Camden Town Gentlemans Wit and Maisels Weisse. I'm not really feeling any of those and I'm slightly confused by the recommendations. I change my mind and go for a sour beer instead. Eve from Orbit Beers is local, and elderflower in a sour beer sounds intriguing.

It could have been a masterpiece, but Eve is a disasterpiece. Imagine if a cider and puke had a baby. That's almost how bad Eve tastes and it marks the first time I've ever had to take back a beer.  

We're sitting outside, since the seating indoors is almost nonexistent, but before I head back in I ask the editor what she thinks of her beer. She had taken a different approach. She had liked the name of a beer and asked what kind it was, with an unsure answer that it might be an IPA. It was quite tasty, but very much not an IPA.

While she keeps enjoying her Saison, I go back in to find the bartender sitting behind the bar, phone in hand. I politely tell her that I strongly dislike my beer and as I had now settled on a sour I'd like to try the other sour the bartender mentions from the board: Floria Framboise from Brouwerij Huyghe. It is a very sweet fruit beer and therefore doesn't really classify as a sour for me, so I return to my initial wish. 

On my second try I finally get something hoppy, although I find it a little too malty and out of balance. It might even be a bit oxidized, which doesn't come as the biggest surprise as I sit right next to what appears to be the keg storage. Having your beer stored outside is not ideal in the summer time, with high fluctuations in temperature during the day.  

Modus Hoperandi from Ska Brewing didn't save Euston tap from being a failure in almost every sense of the word on this particular Wednesday in August.  

If I really try to find something good to say about the place, it would be the outdoor area. With lots of seating and a small park right next door, you almost forget about the busy road on the other side when you dream of better and fresher beer.

Luckily I had a Simcoe Citra IPA from The Kernel in my bag, and I used it to remove the bad taste in my mouth. It did the job to perfection.