2016: Best Beer Experience

For the second year now, the danish beer bloggers are doing a "best of..." series. Started by Stovt last year, it's being done all over again, with some minor changes in the titles, but still with a view at the difference in beer bloggers views and experiences.

The experiences in 2016 has been many. So many that I've had trouble actually telling anyone about them, if not face to face. Traveling, hosting tap takeovers, meeting brewers, importing my own beers. One travel was especially on my mind, yet I'd rather wanted to save that for the best beer bar. More on that later this week!

But then it hit me, I'd been traveling to a certain brewerys location twice mere months. Maybe it's the second visit that made me forget i ever had been there - considering the amount of beers and the high quality, mixed with some hype in vintage form - it doesn't seem unlikely!

Of course, it's one of the breweries that's been on everyone's lips the past six months, Stone Brewing!

With their newly opened factory/beer garden/restaurant opening up in Berlin, there's a good chance they'll shake up the scene, produce some fresh and hoppy beers and finally let the can make it's way out to the consumer, break down some barriers on the way. Good beers can also be in a can.

But not only do the have a great hope for the future of craft beer, in Berlin as well as in Europe, they also threw one hell of a party. Food enough to feed a couple hundred of people, beers enough to get them all drunk AND have leftovers, but also setting up extra bars, with incredible beers everywhere on the premises. For the lucky people there, you never had to walk more than 10-20 meters to get your glass filled.

... and the winner is! 

... and the winner is! 

And I haven't even started on some of the amazing beers that was present. W00tst00t in all of it's vintages, Imperial Stout on Bourbon barrels from 2008 are the ones that stand out the most, and the ones that made me forget most of the trip home. I still have dream about those beers and I very much look forward to trying the next batch of w00tst00t - the first one to be brewed in Berlin.