Introducing the author

Although I did consider starting this post with the words "I'm Spider-Man" and then talk about superheroes, I decided it would probably be more fitting to mention why I love to travel in the craft beer community. After starting a beer blog in Danish because I was fed up with the lagers seen in all supermarkets in my country, I have rebuilt most of my life around my hobby.  

I now work full time as a bartender, teaching people the joy of craft beer and getting taught by people that know more than I do (basically the same type of people I spent most of my time off work with). In this community, I have found my closest friends and my trusted companion, editor and wife. I can honestly say, my life would be much different if it wasn't for craft beer. 

I have friends all over the globe because I've either served them at work, met them at a beer tasting with mutual friends or just because we started talking about craft beer at a bar. These people are the reason I've learned so much and they're the reason I want to learn more. 

I've come to the conclusion that I learn better when I write, so it was only natural that I start my newest craft beer chapter with a fitting second blog about the subject. 

The second chapter will be as much about my travels around the world to see new breweries, bars and restaurants as it will be about my journey to becoming a certified cicerone. This place will soon be filled with notes from my studies as I get through them. At the same time, there will probably be some writing about my home town (Copenhagen) and the bars, restaurants and bottle shops around me.

Do I need to warn you that it might get a little nerdy?